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Neuro Systems

Providers of quality Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Systems and Services.

Professional Fire Alarm Servicing for a wide range of Fire Alarm systems across the UK. We take pride in offering the very highest levels of Fire Alarm Servicing to our customers and we understand that you expect a quality Fire Alarm service at a competitive price.

Why Choose us?

We put customer service first. The company has grown steadily. Customers who rely on our services know they are safe in our hands. ISO and other trade body accreditation is fully implemented and endorsed throughout. We don't dictate, we listen and answer your questions. Our aim is to ensure you get the most effective working life from the equipment you already have in place.

Fire Alarm Maintenance & Servicing

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Our Fire Alarm Servicing engineers are fully qualified Fire Alarm Servicing Technicians; not driven by any commission based incentives.

We have more than 25 years Fire Alarm Servicing experience in all types of buildings and environments. You will find our willingness to meet your needs refreshing. For any Fire Alarm Servicing queries, for advice or to discuss Fire Alarm Servicing costs, please call Neuro Systems.


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